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"THE FOLKS ON the other side of the table are killers," DeMaurice Smith says from his Washington, D.C., office on a mid-October day. It's a blunt assessment from a man who looks exhausted from the last battle while gearing up for the next one. Smith and the union had spent years preparing for the most recent round of CBA negotiations. He had traveled the country. He had waged loud, public wars with commissioner Roger Goodell while holding private lunches with him. Quietly, often without some of his player reps' knowledge, he had met one-on-one with influential owners such as Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft, and endured months of union infighting. At the end, the CBA passed last March by a slim margin of only 60 votes, boosted by votes from practice-team members, the lowest-paid union members with the most to gain from the new deal's terms. The CBA should have been a moment that defined the power not only of Smith but of the labor force of America's most popular sport, a once-in-a-decade chance to elevate NFL players into NBA players' realm of compensation and influence. Indianapolis Colts for Face Masks

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Neal may have lost a tick of speed following his lower body injuries, but that could be less detrimental if the Cowboys move him to the coverage linebacker role as many expect. Chicago Bears for Face Masks

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.@AlabamaFTBL CB Patrick Surtain II with a 4.42u 40-yard dash.@PatSurtainll | @NFLDraft San Francisco 49ers for Face Masks

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While it’s easy to think Baltimore is rich considering they have just shy of $13 million, the rest of the offseason should eat into that number quickly. According to OTC, the Ravens’ seven draft picks will cost a combined $7.21 million to sign. Baltimore will also undoubtedly look to add some depth to the roster at a few positions in the second and third waves of free agency, likely coming after the 2021 NFL draft, and further eating into their available cap space.
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Bolton racked up 198 combined tackles for the Tigers in 2019 and 2020. He’s a laser-guided missile when shooting gaps and making plays in the backfield and delivers a pop when he gets a square hit on the ballcarrier. He also diagnoses plays well, handles simple coverage assignments effectively and hustles all over the field.

Williams ranks as the No. 32 ranked prospect on Daniel Jeremiah’s latest top-50 rankings, while Carter failed to crack the top-50.

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