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Scott Pianowski: It’s been a while since we tussled in one of these debates (formerly known as the series Spin Doctors). So let’s get down to it by tossing a layup my way — I get to argue D.J. LeMahieu over Jose Altuve, while you (Dalton) stump for the other side. Texas Rangers MLB Design Face Coverings

“You need buy-in from everybody if you’re making a lot of changes on a daily basis,” said a Mets’ source, “and Luis has the type of relationship with his players where he can get that. He’s very good at communicating with players on his plans and he’s earned their respect and their trust. New York Yankees MLB Design Face Coverings

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"I think it just kind of organized my swing in a way that produced that (power) more consistently and then more balls started going over," he said. 

"We get ready, we come here everyday for our fans," Rojas said. "We got a good thing going on here in camp. Everyone's just great in this camp, from the players, coaches, front office. Everyone here just has a great environment going on in camp. We're building here on a daily basis, how we're getting prepared is thinking of our fans, knowing they're going to be present this year, and the support is going to be felt different than it was last year. They're very much in our minds. We know they want to win, at the same rate we want to win, so the connection is there. And the love is felt from our fans, the passion is felt."

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@JoshuaKusnick jus ruined my life. I’ve been nothing but a great friend and client to him. For over 10 years. Thanks buddy.
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With Major League Baseball’s Opening Day right around the corner, New York Yankees and New York Mets fans can’t wait for the new season to get underway. There will be high expectations for both ball clubs. Fortunately, folks in New York will be able to see their teams compete live. Los Angeles Angels MLB Design Face Coverings

But ahead of the 2021 season, the team's rotation is shaping up to be better, and manager Alex Cora expressed faith in them amid their recent stretch of strong spring training performances.

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