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              With International approved Robo Kits, Modules, Syllabus Patterns, SLS ICM provides a unique Platform for students, to unleash their Dreams, Skills, Creativity, and assists them to explore their Hidden Potential.

SLS-ICM stands first in the competition in providing Robotic Education with Quality Standards matching International Programs.


SLS ICM offers Special Courses to develop Multitasking in children & You get exactly what you required for your career with much more equality

We at SLS ICM, providde a platform to the students, to unleash thear dreams, skills, and creativity, and assist them to explore their budding Hidden potentials in the field of science & technology.We show theme the track to explore the Hidden Horizons and cross the boundaries of their imaginations and make them come real and true.

About SLS Institute of Creative Minds


We believe the best way to learn is by doing. That’s why project activity is an integral part of the Robotics Engineering educational experience. Nowadays many engineering students showing lot of interest on robotics projects and they create lot of interest as compared to others. 

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Robotics –  although a fun and engaging activity– can be used as the organizer to teach many subjects, including math, programming, scientific process, project management, systems, problem solving, teamwork, communication skills, etc. 

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SLS ICM Roboclub is a student’s body which caters to the need of electronics enthusiasts and hobbyists in creating an environment which is driven by innovation and implementation. 

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