As we all know, the Future is of Robotics & Technology. Nothing is an exception, from domestic applications to Research Industry, Basic Interests to CompulsoryAmenities; everything will be computerized and will be functioning with Robotic enhanced features. So, this is a very important science itself and also a very important Subject for any Academics and Education Streams. This it-self is a Career Science which is also a passion for the majority of people.

We at SLS ICM, provide a Platform to the students, to unleash their Dreams, Skills, and Creativity, and assist them to explore their budding Hidden potentials in the field of Science & Technology. We show themthe track to explore the Hidden Horizons and cross the boundaries of their imaginations and make them come real and true.

National Wide Presence: With around 20+ Regional Training Centers and morecoming up in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and centers coming up in Maharashtra, West Bengal, Punjab and many more, we form the Best Robotic Education Industry in the Country with the best Curriculum and Valid Certification System.

We are constantly working in its R&D Center to provide the Latest Updates to give the best in the industry to the ‘Todays’ Children and Youth.

Affordability: At SLS ICM, we strive to provide the best services at an affordable Price Tag to make Robotic Education reachable to all.

With International approved Robo Kits, Modules, Syllabus Patterns, SLS ICM Stands first in the competition in providing Robotic Education with matching Quality Standards with International programs.
Also, our Students are equally eligible for the IRO & WRO (Indian Robotic Olympiad & World Robotic Olympiad)

Education Model: First time in the History of Robotic Technology, SLS ICM created an easy and sophisticated way of teaching (The Vast Robotic Technology) which is especially designed for kids of all ages (6+yrs to B Tech)

Paper Less Classrooms: For the first time, we have implemented the Paper Less Classrooms for the Children.
With Tabs, Interactive Classes, Robotic Kits, it’s a totally different world for the children.

Learning Atmosphere: Totally Fun Filled, highly Educational Learning system for every kid. That’s why we feel proud to say very strongly, that the Kid Chooses, Robotic Class to the Playground!

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